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Camelot Coding

Coding: Learn more Coding or 'computer programming' is the term used to describe the process of writing, testing, maintaining and 'debugging' the source code of a computer programme. This source code, which is written in one or more language, creates instructions for the computer thus enabling it to perform one or a set of specific operations. This process is a long and complicated process and requires a lot of expertise and efficiency. There are many requirements that are vital for coding and software development. The final written program must fulfil a number of criteria for the program to be of sufficient quality. Firstly, the program should have minimum mistakes and the algorithms should be correct in order for the program to be reliable. Next, the camelot coding of the program should be done in such a way that the program should be easy to use for the purpose it is intended or even for purposes that the programme may not be intended. Another requirement is that the program should be able to anticipate programmer errors such as corrupt data or wrong or improper data, lack of required resources, user errors, system services, network connections and other such problems. The next criteria that the program should fulfil are that the program should easy to modify by developers so that improvements and customizations can be made without much trouble. Also, the program should be able to adapt to new environments and it should be easy to fix faults or bugs and security issues. A next criterion is that the program should be flexible so that it can be compiled and run on different computer hardware and operating systems. Language of the source code, the availability of 'platform specific' compilers, hardware resources and other factor determine this criterion. Lastly, the programme should be efficient in its performance. This means that it should take up less disk space, for example, or take up less time to process. It is also important that the reader of the code is able to read and understand the coding of the program with relative ease and properly understands its operation and its main purpose so that other programmers can clearly read, understand and if the need arises, modify the existing code. Thus, coding requires that the programmer follows and sticks to a specific style of programming so that it is easy to read the code. Coding that is not able to be read generally leads to faults or 'bugs' in the program code. Aside from the programming style of the code, other factors such as decomposition, naming conventions, indentation styles and comments are some other factors that affect the reading and comprehension of the code in the coding process. Coding is a tough process and can be difficult if a programmer does not know any basics. However, if you are seeking great work in coding you must be sure of the developer's expertise in the domain. This way the bugs in your coding are lesser than otherwise. So get started with complete success today!