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Camelot Coding

Importance of coding in computers Most of the people are not aware of the term 'coding' properly. They might use this term in anywhere else than computers. There are certain fields where the term, coding is used. In genetic engineering camelot coding is used for defining the interaction between molecules of nucleic acids. However, usually, coding refers to computer codes. Therefore, most of the time coding is associated with computers. So, is there any importance of coding in computers? Well, this question has a very certain and straightforward answer. Coding is the integral part of computers. A computer cannot work without coding. Everything that you see and do in the computer is based on coding. Computer coding is also referred as computer programing. The computer coding is sometimes complex and sometimes extremely simple. This depends on the application that you are using. An operating system has thousands of codes. A simple website is also based on number of codes. Therefore, coding is present everywhere. However, there are different types of computer coding. Before understanding different types of coding, you should understand the concept of coding first. Coding or programing can be called as the process of writing, designing, debugging and testing of a computer program. A computer program can only work if the coding is proper. Therefore, coding is required for doing everything that you see in computer. Each program consists of lots of codes and complex coding. The main purpose of coding is to generate a set of instructions that is used by a computer to perform particular function. With the help of a specific code, the computer can behave according to your desire. The process of code writing is hard. It takes long time to make a program. There is complex coding done in each file of a program. The work of coding is done by expert people. These people are known as programmers. The main objective of a programmer is to develop a code that corresponds to a specific function. For example, a simple calculator application has many codes that a program has written to it. With the help of that application, you can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and other mathematical functions. The computer coding was started way before you can imagine. The first computer code was built in 1206. The machine was known as Automata. However, that was a very simple code. Today, you can see there are lots of codes that contain complex structures. There is a proper method of coding. The first step in coding is known as analysis, which is followed by testing, implementation and debugging. The coding is only successful if the program does not contain any error. If there is some error present in the codes, you have to do the coding again. Coding is essential for a computer to work. Without coding, a computer cannot work. The boot scree that you see on powering on the computer also contains a complex code. Thus, coding is essential part of computer, and it is needed by every computer, electronic device.