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Elephant Software

Software: What should you know? Software is one or a combination of computer programmes that are stored inside a computer and are used for giving instructions to the computer. Data that can be stored on a computer classifies as software. They can be procedures for the computer to follow, or algorithms for the computer that deal with operating data processing system. The theory about software was first proposed by Alan Turing in 1935 and first used in print in 1958 by John W. Tukey. Software gives instructions to the hardware of the computer or is an input to another elephant software and by doing this; it performs the function of a program. Software and hardware are not to be confused when trying to understand the term software. They are two totally different things and have two totally different functions but they nevertheless work together and are connected to each other. The term 'hardware' is used to define the physical components of a computer that are needed to save and run software. Software is the intangible part of the computer that gives the hardware instructions to carry out certain functions. There are three main types of software, however these distinctions are not always definite and often overlap. These are system software, application software and programming software. System software operates the computer hardware in order for basic functions to occur and provide the computer with a base for running application software. Utilities, servers, device drivers, windows systems and operating systems come under this class of software. They deal with the management of different hardware so that they work together. Application software is a group of programs that enable the computer to perform specific processing of data for the user of the computer. Application software include a wide variety of software, some of which are databases, image editing, mathematical software, medical software, simulation software, spreadsheets, business software, decision-making software, educational software, molecular modelling software, quantum chemistry and solid state physics software, computer aided design, video games, word processing, telecommunications, video editing software, industrial automation and other software. Programming software has programs and applications and other such tools that are created to support other programs and applications. This term is used for simple programs like debuggers, linkers, text editors, compilers and interpreters that are put together to complete a task. They are programming tools that help a programmer in writing other computer programmes. In order for the software to work, they have to be uploaded in to the computer's hard drive memory. Once this is accomplished, it passes instructions from the application software through the system software into the hard drive. The instructions enable the computer to carry out a specific operation. It is very important to choose the right kind of software for a computer. It should be of the best quality. If proper software is not used, the computer may crash, act unexpectedly or even delete a user's work. These faults are called bugs and these bugs can be identified and removed by the means of software testing. Thus, it is important to understand software and select the right kind that will not harm a user's computer.